Zombie SKRAT, A Decentralized Meme Token

Zombie SKRAT is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Zombie SKRAT serves as a Web 3-based meme token that facilitates users to claim secured trading crypto protocol. The protocol aims to create an open-source protocol that allows all global users to conveniently access the protocols ecosystem and take a part in the development of the crypto space. 

The protocol offers a unique NFT collection on part of users, where users can safely explore, buy, sell and trade NFTs. The protocol comes up with a unique node system that highlights the anti-whale feature. Moreover, the protocols maintain high-security standards and offer secure connection on part of users. 

Zombie SKRAT showcases easy to use interface and highlighted transparency that enables users to conveniently access the protocols ecosystem and self-manage their funds. The users are obliged to hold $ZSKRAT, a utility governance toke that benefits users to access voting rights and participate in protocols governance.

 The holders unlock special attributes of protocol and buy, and sell trade NFTs to earn maximum token rewards. The users can safely execute fast and secured transactions backed by low gas fees. The protocol has achieved listing on Coinmarketcap and other decentralized and centralized exchanges. Zombie SKRAT has successfully expanded its reach to 1,729+ holders and has completed 13,109+ secured transfers.

Where You Can Trade $ZSKRAT

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of ZSKRAT / WBNB with a price of $0.000000000007. The trading volume is approximately $239,216 which is 100.00%.

Connect With Zombie SKRAT

Website: https://www.zombieskrat.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZombieSKRAT

Telegram: https://t.me/ZombieSKRAT

Whitepaper of Zombie SkRAT: https://www.zombieskrat.com/zskrat.pdf

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