Presale World, A Hub Decentralized For Launchpad

Presale World is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Presale World serves as an open-source protocol that connects investors and project owners on one platform. The protocol promotes global crypto enthusiasts to experience all sorts of presales learning from multiple prominent launchpads. The protocol maintains high-security standards and allows users to safely access the protocol’s ecosystem.

 The protocol employs an advanced mechanism that ensures the long-term sustainability of the protocol and appreciative users’ participation in the protocol ecosystem. Presale maintains the best lists of top launchpads and allows users and investors to review, and analyze the presales from the issued list of launchpads.

Presale World maintains easy to use interface and highlights transparency that benefits users to conveniently access the protocols ecosystem and self-manage their funds. The users are obliged to hold $PRESALE, a utility governance token that assists users to participate in protocol governance and unlock special attributes. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach to 2,534+ holders and has completed 8,560+ secured transfers. The protocol has achieved listing on Coinmarketcap and other decentralized and centralized exchanges.   

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