Angola, A Decentralized NFT Trading Protocol

Angola is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that facilitates users to experience the Web3-based NFT platform. Angola serves as a permission-less creators economy that promotes users to create NFTs and explore unique NFT collections. The users with Angola protocol can create and issue multiple NFTs just by clicking daily photos in the Candy Camera app and converting them to NFTs within Angola Dapp.

The protocol aims to revolutionize the NFT space and allow users to claim well-versed NFT protocols backed with exciting revenue collection. The protocol introduces a unique profit distribution structure in part of users that signifies proper asset allocation. The users are entitled to receive maximum token rewards by issuing a number of NFTs and securing their active participation. 

Angola users are obliged to hold $Angola which enables users to access protocol governance by holding voting rights. The protocol outlined an easy-to-use interface and offers high-end transparency that benefits users to conveniently access the protocol and self-manage their funds.

 The protocol encourages users to execute fast and secured transactions backed with low transaction fees. The users can earn multiple times. rewards by issuing and trading NFTs. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach globally and has completed many secured transfers. 


In the first phase protocol has achieved the development of NFTs and launched an NFT marketplace backed by community development. Additionally, the protocol introduced a whitelist backed with NFT camera airdrop and launched NFT Camera Beta Service.

In the second phase, the protocol noticed the development of the NFT Camera and commenced its execution. Moreover, the protocol initiated Camera minting and launched Camera Box backed with NFT Photostats. The protocol updated NFT Marketplace & launched the Community Beta service 

The protocol in the third phase advanced its development by adding the NFT Camera rental service and achieved listing on Coinmarketcap and other decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Where You Can Trade $AFLA

Bybit, backed with trading pairs of AGLA / USDT with a price of $0.01415.The trading volume is approximately $16,209,122 which is 100.00%.

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