AlphaFi, A Decentralized Metaverse Supportive Universal Protocol

AlphaFi is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. AlphaFi is an open-source universal protocol that encourages users to claim a metaverse-supporting trading platform. The protocol introduces an alphaverse ecosystem that enables users to safely buy, and sell trade goods. The protocol offers unique collections of NFTs via which users can carry out purchasing activities.

AlphaFi protocol introduces AlphaPay mechanism that promotes users to access payment and receive multiple rewards backed with worldwide access. The users are entitled to receive multiple rewards for spending via Alphapay. The protocols allow users to swap cryptocurrency with multiple currencies and develop a tracking mechanism that enables users to track their portfolios and provide liquidity to earn maximum rewards.

AlphaFi protocol enables users to experience real-world product shopping and connect them to claim metaverse-backed ecosystem. The users are obliged to hold $ALF, a utility governance token that benefits users to participate in protocols governance and earn maximum rewards. 

The protocols outline easy to use interface and highlight transparency that assists holders in self-manage their funds. AlphaFi has successfully expanded its reach to 883+holders and has completed 8,860+ secured transfers. The protocol has achieved listing on Coinmarketcap and other decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Where You Can Trade $ALF

PancakeSwap backed with trading pair of ALF / WBNB with a price of $0.009053.The trading volume is approximately $1,074,989 which is 100.00%

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