Pre-retogeum, A Decentralized Trading Platform

Pre-retogeum is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. Pre-retogeum serves as a virtual powerplant that allows global users to generate, distribute and consume electric energy by contributing to the protocols ecosystem. The protocols facilitate users to access the blockchain-based P2P power supply either by producing electric power, distributing electric power, or consuming electric power. The protocol launches a professional 3D solution that permits alternative energy producers to supply power and setups a new power supply model. Moreover, the protocol benefits users with a power consumption model that encourages users to purchase and employ the platform as an investment.

Pre-retogeum showcases easy to use interface and maintains high transparency that ensures users convenient access to the protocol ecosystem. The protocol supports P2P power trading and offers high-speed transactions backed with low fees. The users are obliged to hold $PRTG, a utility governance token that allows users to buy, trade, and participate in protocol governance. Pre-retogeum has successfully expanded its reach to 1,508+ holders and has completed 1,523+ secured transfers. The protocol aims to discover innovative and unique powers under one roof.


In the first phase protocol has achieved token creation and launched the Pre-Retogeum 3KW generator and issued Pre-Retogeum power plant model house construction. 

In the next phase protocol notices the development of listing on coinmarketcap and other decentralized exchanges and planned advanced development of Pre-Retogeum platform. Moreover, the protocol will launch Beta testing and will introduce Pre-Retogeum VPP design and construction. 

Where You Can Trade $PRTG

MEXC, backed with trading pairs of PRTG / USDT with the price of $3.74.The trading volume is approximately $44,505 which is 2.66%%

DigiFinex, backed with trading pairs of PRTG / USDT with the price of $3.76.The trading volume is approximately $1,627,141 which is 97.34%.

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Whitepaper of Pre-retogeum:

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