MetaX, A Decentralized GameFi Protocol

MetaX is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. MetaX serves as a Metaverse-supportive Gamefi protocol that contributes extraordinary virtual gaming space. The protocol offers exciting gaming features on part of users that promotes users to access permissionless secured networks. The users with MetaX can claim multiple epic scenes, showcase protocols, wallets, and multiple games. The protocol introduces multiple systems backed with advanced technologies that ensure users’ participation in the protocols ecosystem. The users experience the Lord system that encourages users to purchase and earn double rewards. The protocol comes up with a Prop system that enables users to buy and trade NFTs.

MetaX supports high user participation by maintaining easy to use interface and high transparency. The users can confidently access the protocol ecosystem and claim multiple token rewards. The protocol allows users to hold $X1, a utility governance token that benefits users to trade securely and execute fast and secured transactions backed with Iow fee access. MetaX has successfully expanded its reach to 877+ holders and has completed 887+ secured transfers. The protocol delivers advanced defense tools and battle backed with attack scenes and introduces a combat system.

Where You Can Trade $X1

MEXC, backed with trading pairs of X1 / USDT with the price of $1.69.The trading volume is approximately $347,557 which is 100.00%

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