Meetin Token, A Decentralized Trading Protocol

Meetin is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to bestow a visionary Spatial internet experience for its users. The protocol serves as a metaverse-equipped 3D space that facilitates users to join the creators’ community and experience Moim, a metaverse-equipped service developer platform. The users with the Moim platform are competent to claim multiple systems like persona system, planet system, and interactive experience system that helps users to level up their revenue-generating skills. The protocol offers a marketplace via which users can buy, sell trade NFTs and claim financial services. Moim furnishes AI-backed technologies that signify video, audio, real-time sync, and cloud rendering tools.

The protocol delivers Real-time Live Optimization Fewer Capturing Devices and AD networks backed with a DAO-enabled mechanism. The users are obliged to hold $METI, a utility governance token that benefits users to security trade and participates in protocol governance. Meetin has successfully expanded its reach globally and has completed secured transfers. The protocol showcases easy-to-use interfaces and high transparency that benefits users to conveniently access the protocols ecosystem. The user will discover an awesome metaverse space backed with advanced tool sets and maintain their stake in leveraging the NFT marketplace. 

Where You Can Trade $METI

ProBit Global, backed with trading pairs of METI / USDT with the price of $0.08471.The trading volume is approximately $4,689,115 which is 100.00%

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Whitepaper of Meetin:

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