Teleport, A Decentralized Web 3 Backed NFT Protocol

Teleport is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. Teleport protocol serves as a Web3-based social network that facilitates users to experience NFTs in augmented reality. The protocol introduces multiple advanced features that satisfy the user’s interest at large and scales up their participation in the protocol ecosystem. Teleport encourages users to claim advanced PORTAL that enables users to experience and create virtual space full of exciting games, metaverse-equipped virtual space,  art galleries, multiple e-commerce stores, and many more live events, etc. The users are obliged to hold $PORT, a utility governance token that enables them to execute fast and secured transactions and ensures high transparency.

Teleport protocol takes a great initiative in bridging the gap between the virtual and real world by highlighting an extraordinary change. The users are entitled to securely add and explore 360° based multiple contents like images, videos, live streaming of real-world locations, events and movie scenes, etc on Portal. The protocol allows easy to use interface that showcases user’s convenient access to the protocols ecosystem and make them more efficient to interact with NFTs and participate in airdrop event. Teleport has successfully expanded its reach to 237+ holders and completed 500+ secured transfers. The protocol promotes users to scale up their token volume by introducing staking mechanisms. Moreover, the users can continue to buy and sell digital assets by accessing the Teleport marketplace.   

Where You Can Trade $PORT

BitMart, backed with trading pairs of $PORT / USDT with the price of $0.003865.The trading volume is approximately $318,594 which is  %

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