Tosa Inu, A Decentralized Community Driven Meme Token

Tosa Inu is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. Tosa Inu is a community-driven meme token that resolves to create Decentralized applications and encourages users to trade farms and swap. The protocol maintains zero token inflation and is designed with a burning mechanism that allows users to burn $TOS, a utility governance token for anywhere. Tosa Inu enables to development DAO mechanism that facilitates users to actively participate in protocol governance by holding multiple $TOS and can redeem various token rewards. The $TOS holders are entitled to vote in the protocol ecosystem and allow the community to share a part of the value towards the development of the ecosystem.

Tosa Inu enables users to continue swapping and trading mechanisms backed with low transaction fees. The protocol ensures high transparency backed with high-end security standards. Users are allowed an easy-to-use interface that helps them to safely and conveniently access the protocol economy. Tosa Inu has successfully expanded its reach to 357+ holders and has completed 2,540+ secured transfers. 


In first protocol has achieved the development of channels and commodity groups that connects celebrities to accomplish marketing campaign. Additionally, the protocol achieved 50,000 holders.

In the second phase protocol notices the development of contact listing on two decentralized exchanges and two centralized exchanges. Moreover, the protocol ensured its long-term scalability and adopted new technologies. 

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding new advanced features in the protocol ecosystem and enabling the dapp mechanism to allow voting rights to holders. The users can vote on the proposal.

Where You Can Trade $TOS

Uniswap, backed with trading pairs of TOS / WETH with the price of $0.00000000067. The trading volume is approximately $135,505 which is 100.00%

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