O5O, A Decentralized Web3 Supportive Protocol

O5O is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. O5O serves as an open-source protocol that aims to innovate unique changes in Web 3 space. The protocol aims to build a creative workplace that develops a new sense of fashion and music. The protocol maintains the quality standards that leverage users to participate in the protocol economy. O5O maintains a 10,000+ unique NFT collection that facilitates users to enjoy music concerts. Followed with music, protocol allots extra 10,000+ unique NFT collections that encourage users to claim new tastes of fashion in web 3 space. The protocol with its Initial music offering technology connects the fans and the singers on one platform that gives an opportunity for a singer to publish their musical skills in the market and can generate revenue. 

O5O protocol also showcases Fashion offerings that connect brands and consumers on the same platform. The protocol maintains high-quality fashion products mainly from Italy, France, and the USA. OSO protocol offers an exciting deal for NFT holders and comes with new trends the clothes that attract huge user participation. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach to 816+ holders and has completed 40,402+ secured transfers. All such initiative brings the protocol to the top of all and gives an impression of the freshest web3 fashion and music brand. 


In first protocol has achieved the development of its official website and released a whitepaper. Additionally, the protocol issued a smart contract and launched a sneak peak. The protocol offered an O5O NFT stage and airdrop.

In the upcoming phase, the protocol will notice the development of O5O Genesis Drop and O5O Fashion pre-sale. Furthermore, the protocol released O5O Essentials and introduced O5O Classics

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding O5O Hibernation and releasing the O5O WEB3 Fashion Platform. Moreover, try protocol launched O5O Minting Page backed with O5O IDO.

Where You Can Trade $O5O

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of WBNB / O5O with the price of $0.7532.The trading volume is approximately $466,110 which is 100.00%

Connect With O5O

Website: https://www.o5o.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/o5o_official

Telegram: https://t.me/o5o_international

Whitepaper of O5O: https://docs.o5o.xyz/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cvT52khAdR

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