Risu, A Decentralized Deflationary Meme Token

Risu is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Risu serves as a deflationary meme token that competes to create one of the safest DEX. The protocol promotes users to accomplish Risu swapping mechanism that leverages the liquidity pool and allows users to trade on multichain. Moreover, the protocol introduced the Risu bridge that highlights cross-chain access where users can swap BNB for Ethereum, AVAX, and Fantom networks. The users need to connect to Risu wallet to access the functionality of the protocol. Risu issues multiple rewards on part of holders that boosts the participation of holders in an ecosystem.

Risu protocol maintains secured trading backed with high transparency and satisfactory transaction speed. The users can conveniently access the protocol by onboarding easy to use interface and multiple advanced features. Risu has successfully expanded its reach to 2,258+ holders and has completed 22,735+ secured transfers.


In the first phase protocol launched its official website and deployed a smart contract backed with a whitepaper release. Additionally, the protocol initiated a 100% fair token launch and locked liquidity with pinklock. The protocol accomplished meme development and marketing push to spread protocols value globally.

In the second phase, the protocol noticed the development of the Risu Swap and Risu cross-chain bridge. Moreover, the protocol created the Risu blockchain and achieved a tech rate audit. The protocol maintained listing on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. 

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by increasing partnership and intensified listing on decentralized and centralized exchanges. Furthermore, the protocol conducted the audit for the RISU blockchain and launched Mainnet.

Where You Can Trade $RISU

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of RISU / WBNB  With a price of $0.0002452. The trading volume is approximately $89,054 which is 98.08%. 

RadioShack, backed with trading pairs of RISU / BUILD With a price of $0.0002452. The trading volume is approximately $1,745 which is 1.92%. 

Connect With RISU

Website: https://risutoken.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RISUToken

Telegram: https://t.me/RISUToken

Medium: https://medium.com/@risutoken

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