Chirpley, A Decentralized AI supportive Marketing Platform

Chirpley is a blockchian-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Chirpley protocol serves to build an AI-based marketing ecosystem that benefits small influencers and marketers to leverage their brand reach globally by handling multiple marketing campaigns. The protocol benefits influencers by making marketing campaigns more streamlined and cost-efficient. Chirpley adopts advanced technologies that aim to be time efficient and plan to be AI-based. The influencers can conveniently access the protocol with its free-to-entry mechanism. Chirpley encourages users to claim independent marketplace and has integrated of all social media channels.

Chirpley has employed stateless systems that securely confirm the protocol’s long-term scalability and AI-based technology has brought unique attributes and restricted the traditional drawbacks. Chirpley has successfully expanded its reach to 863+ holders and has completed 5,064+ secured transfers. $CHRP serves as a utility governance token that enables users to access protocols governance and redeem incentives.

Where You Can Trade $CHRP

Bybit, backed with trading pairs of CHRP / USDT with a price of $0.02176. The trading volume is approximately $1,114,774 which is 85.83%. 

ApeSwap, backed with trading pairs of WBNB / CHRP With a price of $0.02175. The trading volume is approximately $184,021 which is 14.17%. 

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