Realms of Ruby, A Decentralized Community Driven Protocol

Realms of Ruby is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Realms of Ruby aims to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world by allowing users to utilize rewards in daily life. The protocol encourages users to earn maximum yield by leveraging the source of entertainment by playing gaming, exercising, socializing, shopping, and participating in virtual concerts. Realms of Ruby serves as a community-driven protocol that facilitates users to create their own ecosystem and participate in the NFT marketplace and multiple play-to-earn games.

$RUBY serves as a utility governance token that entitles RUBY holders to participate in protocol governance by acquiring voting rights and assisting users to redeem multiple rewards. Moreover, RUBY holders will be benefited to purchase the products and gain access to a voucher exchange system for the directed use of RUBY Token. Realms of Ruby is planning to develop the Travel to Earn concept that unites tourism companies to offer travel rewards to RUBY holders. Realms of Ruby has successfully expanded its reach to 223+ holders and has completed 958+ secured transfers. 


In the first phase protocol has achieved the development in-game world by introducing modern characters, maps, advanced technologies, and systems. Moreover, the protocol launched a social system to expand its community and developed an online chat system.

In the second phase, protocol noticed the development of the Payment system backed with progress in the underlying architecture. Additionally, the protocol maintained high-security architecture backed with highly elastic architecture.

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding an advanced game system like a paper doll system that assists users to create avatars and customize images. Moreover, the protocol introduced the Mall system and Task system development that unlocked Mystery box and more gaming features.

Where You Can Trade $RUBY

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of RUBY / BUSD with a price of $5.34. The trading volume is approximately $19,919 which is 100.00%. 

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