Pett Network, A Decentralized Pet Care Protocol On BSC

Pett Network is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Pett network aims to develop a community common for all pet lovers that connects pet owners and service providers on one platform. The protocol intends to set up multiple pet care centers that attract a global audience and provide support to protect animals. The users with the Pett network will get an opportunity to digitalize pets and by holding $PETT, a utility governance token users will activate their purchasing behavior and are entitled to receive multiple digital gifts. The protocol facilitates holders to create self-sustained digital models and explore a variety of pet content.

Pett network showcases easy to use interface allowing users to claim a transparent and secured network. The protocol is taking high initiatives to establish a global community that maintains pet care standards and leverages the pet market. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach globally and maintains a high-end team of experts ensuring long-term scalability.


In the first phase protocol has achieved PETT token release and developed a PETT Network Webpage listing. Additionally, the protocol enhanced its listing on many centralized exchanges 

In the second phase, the protocol will notice the development of the PETT network swap solution and introduce the PETT network bridge solution. Moreover, the protocol confirmed listing on many decentralized exchanges. 

The protocol in the next phase advanced its progress by adding new modern concepts and developing a PETT Network wallet solution. Furthermore, the protocol enhanced listing on many centralized exchanges.

Where You Can Trade $PETT

LBank, backed with trading pairs of PETT / USDT with a price of $1.41. The trading volume is approximately $369,589 which is 100.00%. 

Connect With Pett Network 





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