INOFI, A Decentralized Equity Management Protocol on BSC network

INOFI is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. Innovative Finance, INOFI serves as an NFT-based finance protocol that facilitates management and transaction for financial assets like bonds and real estate. The protocol follows a fractional NFT model that supports easy-to-trade NFTs. INOFI confirms Four chain trading mechanism that benefits users to trade NFT cost-free and unlocks more features. The protocol claims high transparency and ensures long-term scalability backed with highly secured standards.

Innovative Finance encourages users to access minting, staking and enjoy investment opportunities in real estate, entertainment, and digital content, and get their hands on multiple token rewards. The protocol promotes users to hold $FON, a utility governance token that ensures their active participation in protocol governance and enjoys flexible rewards. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach globally and has maintained high-security standards.


In the first phase protocol achieved INOFI project development and claimed a collaboration with the digital artists. Moreover, the protocol continued listing on foreign exchange and released digital content NFT tokenization.

The protocol in the second phase notice the development of fractional NFT platform contents expansion and added BNB chain support. Furthermore, the protocol introduced Drama, video project NFT tokenization, and issued polygon support.

Where You Can Trade $FON

 MEXC, backed with trading pairs of FON / USDT with a price of $0.6806. The trading volume is approximately $36,772 which is 100.00%.

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