FanFury, A Decentralized Virtual Gaming Platform

FanFury is a blockchain-based decentralized metaverse gaming platform that introduces users to access to numerous sports games. FanFury is a virtual gaming protocol backed with blockchain mechanisms that facilitate users to play fantasy sports games backed with flexible rewards. The protocol employs 2nd layer network that improves the scalability and offers a secured network to users. FanFury encouraged users to claim playing, staking, and bonding and offers multiple sports contests. The protocol’s price pool fantasy sports model¬†

enables players to create virtual teams and continue to play. FanFury protocol contributes a secured mechanism backed by low transaction fees and ensures high transparency. The protocol maintains long-term token value by activating Protocol Owned Liquidity as well as Treasury Assets-Backed. $FURY serves as a utility governance token that assists the users to redeem the gaming rewards. Protocol Oracle mechanism works flawlessly and aims to contribute to real-world gaming results. 

Where You Can Trade $FURY

MEXC, backed with trading pairs of FURY / USDT with a price of $0.03646. The trading volume is approximately $521,828 which is 100.00%. 

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