Liquid Finance, A Decentralized Finance Protocol

Liquid Finance is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on an Arbitrary network. Liquid Finance aims to eliminate the drawbacks of capital inefficiency just by introducing advanced mechanisms like the fractional-reserve model of Frax Finance and the Liquid Arbitrage mechanism. Employing this system benefits the protocol to maintain price stability and maximize yield revenue. The protocol ensures project scalability by promoting users to claim a secured network with confirms high transparency. The users get a chance to earn rewards by farming and bonding.

Liquid Finance employs two token systems lqETH and LIQD wherein lqETH is used for minting and serves as a fractional reserve token that is pegged to the price of ETH. Liquid Finance has successfully expanded its reach to 144+ holders and has completed 5,646+ secured transfers. Moreover, the protocol facilitates the users to claim the additional sources of generating revenue by opting for protocols flash loan service. 

Where You Can Trade $LIQD

SushiSwap, backed with trading pairs of WETH / LIQD with a price of $5,840.05. The trading volume is approximately $201,966 which is 100.00%. 

DODO, backed with trading pairs of LIQD / USDC with a price of $6,745.30. The trading volume is approximately $6,405 which is 0.00%. 

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