Bitcoin Pay, A Decentralized Payment Gateway on BSC

Bitcoin Pay is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Bitcoin Pay is a decentralized payment gateway that encourages users to trade securely and accomplish fast and secure transactions. The users with Bitcoin Pay experience the most reliable, borderless, trustless, and transparent protocol that supports quick transactions backed by low transaction fees. The protocol with its easy-to-use interface promotes the users to perform payment settlements and can easily convert digital currency into fiat currency.

Bitcoin Pay has made buying, selling, holding, and trading cryptocurrency more convenient and beginner friendly. The users enjoy full control of their funds and receive interest depending on their holding And receive cashback from making payments via the Bitcoin Pay wallet. Bitcoin Pay has successfully expanded its reach globally.


In the first phase protocol has achieved website development and has maintained its presence on social networks. Additionally, the protocol deployed contracts and announced ownership of BSC.

In seconds, the phase protocol noticed the launch of BitcoinPay on PancakeSwap and locked 100% liquidity. Moreover, the protocol has a 50% token for two years.

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by listing on CoinmarketCap andCoinGecko. Additionally, the protocol launched Airdrop on coinmarketcap and developed a strong community backed by 25,000+BTC PAY holders.

Where You Can Trade $BTCPAY

BitMart , backed with trading pairs of BTCPAY / USDT With a price of $45.28. The trading volume is approximately $166,899 which is 10.10%. 

LATOKEN, backed with trading pairs of BTCPAY / USDT with a price of $44.07. The trading volume is approximately $1,485,532 which is  89.90%. 

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