SYLTARE, A Decentralized P2E Trading Card Game Protocol

SYLTARE is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. SYLTARE protocol serves as play-to-earn NFT card games that empower players with multiple gaming events. The protocol contributes numerous PvP trading card games that assist the players to play memory games backed with quick calculations. To ensure active participation in the game, players must have at least one NFT card to win the round. The protocol promotes the players to have a card by borrowing them or by collecting them from the open market.

SLYTARE benefits the players by rewarding them with Karma points which can be redeemed via swapping for an SYL token. Thereby, the players can continue to purchase the in-game assets and ensure their participation in tournaments. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach to 1,833+ holders and has completed 14,570+ secured transfers.


In the first phase protocol has achieved Minting and released the latest version of web-based P2E and finished integration of DeFi tokenomics. Additionally, the protocol launched its utility governance token SYL and attained Klayswap listing. The protocol thereby completed Billboard advertisement and AMA sessions.

In the second phase, protocol noticed the development of a real-life SYLTARE tournament and continue live streaming on YouTube. Furthermore, the protocol came up with new characters and introduced a ranking and tournament system. The protocol launched a marketplace and increased the rewards for players.

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding a listing of promotional events and designing modern characters. Additionally protocol revealed the global SYLTARE ranking board and achieved global partnership.

Where You Can Trade $SYL

 Lbank, backed with trading pairs of SYL / USDT with a price of $1.34. The trading volume is approximately $113,799 which is 86.09%. 

Uniswap, backed with trading pairs of SYL / USDC with a price of $1.34. The trading volume is approximately $18,384 which is 13.91%. 

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