Minionverse, A Decentralized Trading Card Game Protocol

Minionverse is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Minionverse is a metaverse supportive gamefi protocol that encourages users to experience free-to-play NFT games. The protocol introduces three games Minionverse, Winions Brawler Arena, and Battle of the Beasts which are backed by web3 technology. Minionverse games serve as a defense trading card game that assists the players to destroy the enemy defenses and snatch their treasure. The trading cards promote the players with a handful of creatures to steal the enemies’ wealth.

$MIVRS works as a utility governance token that helps the players to unlock the gaming assets like purchasing trading cards. The protocol works in the best policies of players by allowing stunning gaming environments backed with actions and strategies. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach to 585+ holders and has completed 5,458 secured transfers.


In the first phase protocol has achieved team development backed by a fundraising round. Additionally, the protocol launched its official website and released a whitepaper.  

In the second phase, the protocol closed the fundraising round and linked IDO with the platform. Moreover, the protocol launched its native token $MIVRS and issued an alpha launch of the game with blockchain integration 

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding T-1 exchanges and introducing the Beta public launch of the game. Furthermore, the protocol conducted marketing campaigns and strengthened the growth of the community.

Where You Can Trade $MIVRS

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of MIVRS / WBNB with a price of $10.78. The trading volume is approximately $2,221,536 which is 65.66%. 

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of MIVRS / BUSD with a price of $0.01807. The trading volume is approximately $1,161,621 which is 34.34%. 

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