GigaSwap, A Secured Decentralized OTC Exchange

GigaSwap is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. GigaSwap supports the users to experience secured swapping of any cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and tokens across multiple chains without any risk. The protocol introduces Over a Counter trading structure that benefits the users to trade directly and can pair assets to any other asset. GigaSwap with its easy-to-use interface has successfully expanded the user base and facilitates the users to experience a verified network.

GigaSwap enables the users to continue to transact with guaranteed security. GIGA serves as a utility governance token that benefits the users to access incredible deals. GigaSwap assists the users to acknowledge one of the advanced trading strategies i.e NFT partial trading. The protocol has successfully expanded its reach to 1,019+ holders and has completed 13,991 fast transfers. 


In the first phase, the protocol passed the Audit and completed the OTC pair. Moreover, the protocol introduced partial NFT trading and developed the App and wallet-based chart system.

In the second phase, protocol noticed $GIGA token dApp integration and launched the OTC chart system. Furthermore, the protocol integrated ICP into dApp backed with the integration of chain outside EVM.

Where You Can Trade $GIGA

Uniswap, backed with trading pairs of GIGA / WETH with a price of $0.00006382. The trading volume is approximately $980,490 which is 100.00%. 

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Whitepaper of GigaSwap:

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