Arbitrage, A Decentralized Trading Platform

Arbitrage is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Arbitrage protocol facilities the users to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities with the protocols arbitrage engine. In order to utilize arbitrage opportunities, users need to hold protocols native token $RBTR. The protocols offer arbitrage services both in automatic and manual mode. In manual mode protocol promotes the users with details to perform manual arbitrage whereas in automatic mode arbitrage engine performs arbitrage automatically and reveals results.

Arbitrage protocol enables users to access cost-efficient arbitrage by holding stablecoins in their accounts. Arbitrage has successfully expanded its reach to 15,875+ holders and has completed 20,369 secured transfers


In the first phase, a protocol developed the project idea and launched its official website, and released a whitepaper. Furthermore, the protocol gathered a team. 

In the second phase protocol noticed the development of Web 3 integration with exchanges and promoted token listing. 

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding a Finding rate arbitrage strategy backed by the introduction of a triangular arbitrage strategy. Moreover, the protocol developed mobile applications for Android and IoS.

Where You Can Trade $RBTR

PancakeSwal, backed with trading pairs of USDT / RBTR With a price of $0.2419. The trading volume is approximately $166,849 which is 83.09%.

Biswap, backed with trading pairs of USDT / RBTR with a price of $0.2419. The trading volume is approximately $33,962 which is 16.91%. 

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