Million Pixel, A Decentralized Token on BSC network.

Million Pixel is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Million Pixel serves as a token that facilitates the token holders to enjoy the set of rewards. The protocol promotes the holders with a static reflection mechanism that assists them to supervise the status of Million Pixel. The holders ensure their active participation and hold their hand on passive rewards. 

Million Pixel introduces the auto-generating liquidity to its holders that assists them to exercise trading activities. XIX is the governance token that assists the holders to earn more rewards in the form of XIX tokens. Million Pixel has successfully expanded its reach to 4,465+ holders and has completed 5,181+ secured transfers.


In the first phase protocol developed source code, launched the initial homepage, and conducted social media ICO, IPO, and Liquidy. Additionally, the protocol continued to sell its first Pixel. 

In the second phase, the protocol noticed the development of a huge userbase, gain more investors, and established its presence on social media. Furthermore, the protocol allowed swapping and locked liquidity. Protocol continued to sell multiple pixels counting to 15000.

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding Tracking, SEO-based techniques, and prepared Auditing by Tech rate. Furthermore, the protocol sold 50,000+ pixels and maintained 3000 holders.

The fourth phase witnessed the listing of top exchanges like CoinGecko and CoinmarketCap. Moreover, the protocol increased the holder strength to 6000 and has completed 8000 secured transfers. The protocol completed a sale of 1,00,000+ pixels.

Where You Can Trade $XIX

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of XIX / BUSD  with a price of $0.004878. The trading volume is approximately $184,026 which is 100.00%. 

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