Champion, A Decentralized Cross-Chain Token

Champion is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Avalanche network. Champion serves as the first Cross chain elastic algorithmic token based on the Avalanche network. The protocol safeguards the user’s portfolio from market volatility by pegging $VIC to $USDC. 

$VIC serves as the main token of Champion protocol that is stable to a value equal to 1 $USDC. $CHAM holders owe the voting right in protocols governance.  The champion protocol has successfully expanded its reach to 236 holders and has completed 44,230+ secured transfers.


In the first phase protocol has achieved contract audit and completed team KYC. Additionally, the protocol established Genesis Pool and unlocked Farm, Boardroom, and node. The protocol issued a marketing campaign.

In the next phase, protocol noticed the additional listing on an auto compounded partner. Moreover, the protocol listed Coinmarketcap and witnessed the launch on Polygon, BSC, and FTM networks. 

The protocol in the next phase advanced its progress by releasing Raffle and launchpad. Moreover, the protocol developed marketing campaigns and activated lending and borrowing mechanisms.

Where You Can Trade $CHAM 

TraderJoe, backed with trading pairs of USDC / CHAM with a price of $86.37. The trading volume is approximately $114,136 which is  99.96%. 

TraderJor, backed with trading pairs of USDCE / CHAM with a price of $86.37. The trading volume is approximately $49.42 which is 0.04%. 

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