DEFY, A Play To Earn Decentralized NFT-Based Protocol

DEFY is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that operates on the Ethereum network. DEFY protocol is a play-to-earn gaming platform that assists users to experience virtual games with real-world accessories. DEFY protocol is also accessible in its free version and additionally offers a premium version to unlock its best feature. DEFY token serves as a governance token that helps the players to exercise the gaming assets and leverage the gaming experience. 

DEFY protocol has created a revolutionary gaming space with advanced gameplay modes defining drone battles, tournaments, and code-breaking. Moreover, it supports the players to play in groups.  

DEFY protocol has successfully expanded its reach to approximately 120+ holders and has successfully completed 225+ secured transfers. 


In its first phase, the protocol has expanded its profile stats and successfully activated Alpha Mission POAPs. Additionally, the DEFY discovered defensive weapons and consumables. DEFY confirmed the future NFT sale backed with Gen 2 Masks. 

In its second phase protocol witnessed the Beta launch. Moreover, the protocol will reveal new tasks and launch the NFT marketplace. This phase noticed the token launch backed with Mask specialization and more consumables.

The protocol in the third phase advanced its progress by adding a free-to-play entry and setting up a public launch. Furthermore, DEFY customized its gaming assets and outlined the App mission. The protocol showcase the XR gameplay.

Where You Can Trade $DEFY

Bybit, backed with trading pairs of DEFY / USDT, with a price of $0.0277. The trading volume is approximately $2,276,000 which is  78.56%. 

QuickSwap, backed with trading pairs of USDC / DEFY with a price of $0.02764. The trading volume is approximately $621,064.  which is  21.44%. 

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