BlockAura, A Decentralized Open-Source Protocol on BNB

BlockAura is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on Binance Smart Chain. BlockAura is one of the scalable open-source projects that assist the users with high performance, data security and also offers transparency. The protocol maintains its unique identity by issuing secured tokens backed with easy-to-trade features, better experience, and low-cost transactions. 

BlockAura adds the best user’s friendly strategies by simply analyzing the trade execution, and suspecting the proper functioning of assets. The protocol comes with smart contracts backed with voting access. Furthermore, the BlockAura protocol develops an automatic check mechanism that overcomes the issues. 


In the first phase, BlockAura has successfully adopted for security token backed by the issue of mandate Law. 

In the second phase, BlockAura came up with the launch of the whitepaper. furthermore, the Protocol strengthened its team and gained its partner’s support. BlockAura developed private sales and established community Airdrop 

In the next phase, the Protocol witnessed the launch of community token sales and covered additional listing on top exchanges. 

The next phase noticed the launch of testnet, Mainnet. Additionally, the Protocol released its first security token on Mainnet.

Where You Can Trade $TBAC

The BlockAura holders can continue to trade $TBAC on

PancakeSwap, backed with trading pairs of TBAC / WBNB with a price of $22.46. The trading volume is approximately $604,544 which is 21.57%.

DODO, backed with trading pairs of USDT / TBAC with a price of $22.48. The trading volume is approximately $1,003 which is 0.04%.

BKEX, backed with trading pairs of TBAC / USDT with a price of $22.62. The trading volume is approximately $2,206,924 which is 78.42%.

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