Netscape Creator Says Web3 Really Is Like the Rise of The Early Internet

Early Internet

Marc Andreessen is a billionaire tech entrepreneur, most well known for having created Netscape back in the 90s. Recently, Andreessen expressed that the rising popularity of Web3 and blockchain technology today was reminiscent of the early days of the internet.

Andreesen Horowitz Is Pushing the Market Forward

Andreessen isn’t just an important figure in the history of the internet, but its future as well. As early as 2009, he founded Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm focusing on blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Before entering the crypto market, AH Capital Management invested in social platforms such as Slack and Instagram. Since 2013, the firm has financially backed several major players in the cryptocurrency market: Coinbase, Polychain, Solana, Open Sea, and Yuga Labs. In addition, the firm has invested $7.6 billion into helping further the cryptocurrency market.

Andreesen Responds to Crypto Critics

During a recent episode of The Bankless Podcast, Andreesen was quoted saying, “This is the only time I’ve ever said this [Web3] is like the internet. If you go back through all my historical statements, one could imagine that with my experience, I could have said this like 48 times. I’ve never made the comparison before.”

Andreesen believes the cryptocurrency market is attracting some of the greatest minds alive today. But, he said, “The critics make this long list of all the problems, but you’re getting these genius engineers and entrepreneurs [who] flood into the space. So, they look at that list of problems as a list of opportunities.”

Andreesen’s Final Prediction

Andreesen’s final prediction about cryptocurrency is a bold one that certainly has merit. When asked why his firm invested so heavily in crypto, he said, “We could imagine the entire global economy running on the blockchain like 30 or 50 years from now.”

Whether or not this future comes to pass, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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