Muulnu, A Decentralized Protocol Based On Binance Smart Chain

Muulnu is a blockchain-based decentralized Protocol that operates on Binance Smart Chain. Muulnu acts as a dominating token that can acquire the entire space and has an animal hype token. The users can continue to trade Muu Inu on PancakeSwap and Finexbox.  Muu Inu is the governance token supported by the BSC and has about 1 Trillion collections of users on the PancakeSwap. 


The achievements like, listing on the PancakeSwap, website development, and bringing new marketing strategies. The well set up of the community and the development of CMC and CoinGecko applications was done. Moreover, the protocol achieved the target of 500+ holders.

In 2022, the Muulnu will witness a massive marketing campaign on TikTok and Twitter. And will notice the target of 1000+ holders. 

The trending of DexTools was the next step to set. The NFT was released and the number of holders went up to 2000+ Farm Donation with the ETH bridge and 5000+ holders 

Where You Can Trade $MINU

The users get three platforms to trade, PancakeSwap, OpenOcean, and Finexbox each with different pairs and pricing rates. 

PancakeSwap(V2) is paired with MINU/WBNB with a pricing of $0.000001939 and a volume $797, 425. 

OpenOcean is being paired with BNB/MINU. The price is $0.00000113 and the volume is $22.90. 

Finexbox is paired with MINU/USDT and the price is $0.000001349 and the volume is $452,212.

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Email: [email protected]

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