Cube Network, A Multi-Chain Based Decentralized Protocol

Cube Network is a blockchain-based decentralized platform and is backed by a multi-chain architecture mechanism. Cube Network has maintained its significance by offering the industry with its advanced performance, high-speed transactions backed with secured access. The Protocol steps in with a new feature that makes it more decentralized, more scalable, and more secure. 

Cube Network makes itself more efficient by offering solutions for data fragmentation and providing low-cost storage facilities. The protocol promotes and develops Web 3.0 and has adopted three layers to leverage its reach. Each layer describes its own importance by executing contract-based transactions, verifying and settling results, and storing the data. 


Cube Network in its initial phase noticed the development of Protocol by offering higher transaction performance, Low transaction fees, and fast and secured access. The Protocol signifies decentralization and boasts security. Additionally, it has successfully completed mainstream assets and placed new tools.

The second phase achieved the target of 5000 TPS and DPos+ random selection. Furthermore, the protocol introduced streamlined Consensus and developed pipeline processing.

The third phase will help the Protocol to come up with Multi chain structure and Cross-Chain contract calls. The Protocol introduced IBC compatibility.

The fourth phase will mark the introduction of Collaborative Rollup, built-in zkRollup features, and strengthen its scope.

Where You can Trade $CUBE 

The holder can continue to $CUBE on

Huobi Global backed with trading pairs of CUBE / USDT with a price of $4.83. The Protocol achieved +2% Depth of $6,676.38 and -2% Depth of $34,280.12. The trading volume is approximately $41,541,156 which is 100.00%.

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