The Graph and NEAR: 2 Altcoins to Watch in May

The Altcoin market has been a wild ride over the last few months, with high volatility and huge swings in prices. However, some coins have continued to show stability and steady growth. The two coins are NEAR and Graph. These crypto coins are relatively new to the altcoin market, with only a few months under their belts. Yet, they have already shown impressive growth in terms of both price and trading volume.

NEAR and Graph: Potential Cryptos

NEAR is a blockchain-based content monetization platform that allows users to earn crypto by submitting content they want to share. The longer it stays up, the more popular it gets, and the more users make. NEAR’s team has been working hard to build a strong community around their coin.

Graph is another exciting project with much potential, but it is not for everyone. The Graph is a decentralized social network built on top of Ethereum, which means it is more than just another token; users will also be able to create their website on Graph’s web. This may not sound like much now, but it could be huge if they pull it off well and get enough people involved.

Final Word

These crypto coins have not earned their place among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap yet, but they have a strong shot at doing so in the months. If you are looking to make a speculative play on the cryptocurrency, the NEAR and Graph might be an excellent place to start.

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