Jamestown Real Estate is Now Accepting Crypto as Rent

Jamestown Properties, a real estate investment firm based in New York City, has announced that it is now accepting cryptocurrency as payment. The company offers various services to help investors build wealth through real estate and claims. While most rental companies have not embraced cryptocurrency, Jamestown Real Estate now accepts bitcoin and other blockchain-based currencies as rent payments. This is the first time a major real estate management company has decided to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Partnership of Jamestown Properties

To make this possible, Jamestown has partnered with Rentberry, a blockchain-based rental platform that helps renters negotiate with landlords and find properties. The Rentberry platform allows tenants to pay their rent using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It also includes a built-in escrow system to ensure that both parties are protected during the payment process.

Jamestown Real Estate Setting the Benchmark

By accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, Jamestown is not only demonstrating an uncommon level of access and commitment to the crypto community, but also provides an incentive to prospective renters who are in search of rental Jamestown properties and would like to transact with a company that views the use of crypto as a viable means of transaction. As of now, Jamestown Real Estate is the first company to offer that ever so convenient on-the-go payment option that other companies will surely follow suit. We think businesses will follow suit in the coming years as crypto becomes more pervasive.

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