Step App, A Decentralized Play-To-Earn Gaming Protocol

Step App is a blockchain-based decentralized Metaverse platform that offers all in one platform where the users can achieve their fitness goals backed with income optimization features. Step App serves as Fitness Finance Protocol that encourages the users for better fitness moves and is backed with rewards with a move-to-earn mechanism. 

The players are offered to play tournament matches and continue to play to win the match and get their hands on maximizing token rewards. Furthermore, Step App offers the users staking, Buyback, and liquidity incentive features. FITFI is a governance token of Step App via which the players can unlock the upcoming gaming tournaments. 


Step App in its first phase will launch its official website and showcase the development of the project, Building a team. launching new ideas. Furthermore, the Protocol will establish UI and UX.

In the second phase, the Protocol will witness the Beta launch and come with multiple NFTs.

The third phase will introduce the launch of Mainnet and will extend its accessibility by introducing NFT Market.

The fourth phase will introduce the steps for IP and brand awareness. Furthermore, the Protocol will sign up partnerships backed with scalability. It will develop the store integration.

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