Smart Reward Token, A Utility Token Based On Ethereum Network

SRT, Smart Reward Token is a blockchain-based decentralized token that operates on the Ethereum network. Smart Reward Token acts as a utility swapping token for ERC-20. SRT is used to redeem incentives of Cash.Fi. The Cash.Fi platform allows the users to upload check-in information and get a chance to earn SRTs and NFTs.

The users are qualified to earn SRTs only after submitting check-in supported with high-quality photos and captions. Furthermore, the platform will encourage the users with staking behavior and to hold SRTs at large. Smart Reward Token has successfully achieved a total supply of 15,000,000,000 SRT and expanded its reach to 2,200+ holders. It has completed all over 5,176 transfers. 


The first phase notices the partnership with DANBI, operating a Wifi service that can be used without an app to introduce an SRT wallet.

The second phase will come with the launch of the SRT token that allows the business to deploy in the real economy and strengthen active user participation.

The third phase will introduce the official launch of the SRT wallet SDK. The fourth phase marks the SRT wallet to connect DANBI’s Cash. Fi service. 

The fifth phase noticed a launch of the Smart Reward AD Platform that supports in maintaining mutual trust among the users. The sixth phase will be open to the Smart Reward membership service.

Where You Can Trade

The users can trade $SRT on

MEXC, backed with trading pairs of SRT / USDT with a price of $0.07041. The +2% Depth is $4,746.49 and -2% Depth is $11,995.55. The trading volume is approximately $11,995.55 which is 94.95%.

Connect with Smart Reward token 


Whitepaper of SRT:



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