Singaporean Restaurants Will Now Take Your Cryptocurrency

Maison Ikkoku, a restaurant in Singapore, advertises that it accepts Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies on a sign at the entrance. It is known for its modern Japanese cuisine and has a lovely outdoor space with views of the Sultan Mosque across the street. There are several cryptocurrency-related events listed on the Maison Ikkoku restaurant’s website. Happy Hour for crypto enthusiasts enables them to “hang out with dev group mates,” “trades,” “community,” and more at the Crypto Brunch. There are many more Singaporean restaurants that now accept cryptocurrency payments.

Why Singaporean Restaurants Cryptocurrency Payments

The decision to accept cryptocurrency payments was not easy for the restaurant owners as there are still many uncertainties surrounding bitcoin and other virtual currencies. However, they believe that it is worth the risk because it will allow them to reach out to an entirely new audience of potential customers who want to eat their food but do not want to use traditional currencies like dollars or pounds sterling.

Final Verdict

This is a great new initiative from Singaporean restaurants and cryptocurrency users. Both groups get to enjoy their meal together, and at the same time, one party gets to be part of the cryptocurrency economy by paying for the meal in crypto. This is a win-win situation that will surely help this new currency flourish. While consumers are not yet particularly enthralled by this trend worldwide, it nevertheless points to how such a technology could gain a foothold in the future.

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