Stripe Launches Test Product Giving Twitter Creators Cryptocurrency

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Ever since cryptocurrency first broke out into the mainstream, many people have hoped that one day they could earn in cryptocurrency. Now, thanks to Stripe, that future has been made possible. Stripe offers its clients state of the art payment processing software, allowing internet-based businesses to conduct payments and transfers seamlessly.

A Crypto Payday With Stripe

Now, Stripe is leveraging their unique digital infrastructure to allow a select few users to earn cryptocurrency over the popular social media platform Twitter. Through Stripe, content creators on Twitter will be able to earn money in the form of USD Coin, a ‘stable coin’ backed by the US Dollar. Stable coins are a relatively new form of cryptocurrency that aims to offer a higher level of stability and reliability compared to Bitcoin and altcoins such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

The Future of Stripe‘s Crypto Initiative

Eventually, Stripe aims to expand the portfolio of cryptocurrencies Twitter users will be able to earn in, and enter markets in more than 120 countries by the end of 2022. Industry analysts have expressed interest in the possibility of Stripe branching out to other social media platforms outside of Twitter, but it is unclear if this is in the pipeline.

The Decentralized Finance Industry At a Glance

Stripe is far from the only company leveraging its platform to help users earn in cryptocurrency. In fact, some industry insiders believe Stripe slept in and missed the crypto train. Other major players in digital finance, such as Paypal, Visa, Cashapp etc have already established platforms that allow their customer base to earn and trade in cryptocurrency.

Is It Too Late For Stripe?

The market is already incredibly competitive. To make matters worse, several major cryptocurrencies recently crashed, leaving industry experts to wonder if Stripe has any hope of carving out a niche in the market. Only time will tell if Stripe will sink or swim in the crypto space.

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