DeFi Coins – What Coins to Watch out for in 2022

Decentralized Finance

Blockchain technology has already proven to serve so many diverse functions. One of the fastest growing sectors of blockchain technology is Decentralized Finance, or DeFi. The long term promise of DeFi is to make centralized banking and other third party institutions obsolete. This blog will discuss the top DeFi coins to buy in 2022.

Top DeFi Coins to Buy in 2022 

DeFi Coin

The first of its kind and simply named ‘DeFi Coin’, experts regard this token the safest option to buy in 2022. Native to the DeFi Swap Exchange, DeFi Coin trades on the Binance Smart Chain. At the time of writing, DeFi Coin is at an all-time high, and experts predict that this upward trend will continue.

Lucky Block

Those familiar with the video game industry will know that there has been a rise in demand for greater transparency and fairness, not just amongst players but also between developers and consumers. Using the Binance Smart Chain, Lucky Block is one DeFi token that aims to make the gaming experience better for all gamers.


Ever since Facebook Inc. rebrand to Meta, the ‘Metaverse’ has been all the rage in the tech sector, especially amongst crypto-enthusiasts. Some experts believe the Metaverse could eventually reach a market value of $1 trillion. Backed by the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland allows users to purchase digital real-estate using their native Mana token.


Uniswap is one DeFi token that really delivers on the promise of cutting out the middle-man, allowing users to trade DeFi tokens without the need for an exchange, or other party. Thanks to Uniswap, trading tokens has never been easier. With an above average liquidity rate, and market cap of $4.7 billion, it’s no surprise Uniswap is such an attractive DeFi token right now.

The DeFi sector is a fascinating space, with new tokens constantly rising to the forefront. For regular updates, keep checking in on our website.


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