Tesla to Power Bitcoin Mining with Solar Energy

Tesla just redefined crypto mining by announcing that they will be mining Bitcoin with solar energy. This decision came in response to the vast criticism that crypto mining has been facing by climate activists due to the immense amount of power it requires.

Tesla to Team Up with Block and Blockstream to Set Up the Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mines

The tech giant will set up the Bitcoin mining facilities powered by solar and Megapack batteries together with Blockstream and Block in Texas. Bitcoin will then be mined using 100% of renewable energy.

This partnership with the blockchain firm, Blockstream, and payments firm, Block, will help build a 3.8 megawatt (MW) facility and start mining later this year. This mining facility will be designed to be an epitome of bitcoin mining fueled by 100% renewable energy, as per Blockstream’s CEO.

The Project Will Feature a Public Dashboard

According to Blockstream’s CEO, Adam Back, people have long been debating the different ways to mine Bitcoin. It’s about time that they prove that Bitcoin mining is possible with 100% renewable energy. According to the CEO, this project with Tesla will have an open dashboard for the public so that everyone can play along and easily access real-time metrics of its performance, including total Bitcoin mined and the power output.

This is the company’s way of proving the hypothesis that bitcoin mining is possible using 100% renewable energy. It is a step towards building economic growth for the coming years.

Read more about this mega project here:

Coindesk: https://www.coindesk.com/tech/2022/04/08/tesla-blockstream-and-block-to-mine-bitcoin-using-solar-power-in-texas/

Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/tesla-bitcoin-mining-solar-power-b2055453.html

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