MOBOX: Your Cryptocurrency Farming Game

MOBOX is a blockchain game where you can grow your collectables. The game has been in development for quite some time, but now it is finally out.

The Gamin Module

In MOBOX: NFT Farmer, you can grow and breed your collectables. You will have to choose between two types of pets: cats and dogs, each with unique traits. You can also choose their looks from different colour patterns or even change the shape of their ears or tails. After that, you will need to feed them so they will not get hungry while they are growing up. Once they are grown up, you can breed them with another pet to create new ones with better traits.  


The game has three modes:

MOBOX: Farming  – In this mode of the blockchain game, players can go to their farms, plant crops and harvest them. They can also raise livestock and sell them to other players or at the market. In this mode, players earn money and experience points by farming.

MOBOX: Mining  – In this mode, MOBOX players mine for gold by mining blocks on a blockchain-based map. The mined blocks are then used to purchase items from an in-game shop or other MOBOX players. Players can also trade these mined blocks with other players or at the market. In this mode, players earn money or experience coins by mining gold blocks and selling them to other players or at the market.

MOBox: Trading  – In this mode, MOBOX players can trade items with other users in exchange for coins or items they need for their farms or mines.

Try Out

The most remarkable thing about the whole MOBOX blockchain game experience should be the opportunity to grow your crops and then sell them. It sounds fascinating, but at this point, it might just be better if you discover that for yourself.

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