The Jelly Squish Game Blockchain Explained

Jelly Squish is a blockchain-based game with an economy that runs on its cryptocurrency. The game has been developed by a team of experts in blockchain game development. The game combines the fun of a classic arcade game with the excitement of cryptocurrency investment.

The objective of the Blockchain Collectible Game

This blockchain collectible game aims to help your jelly squish collect as many coins as possible and unlock new worlds. You can also trade your cash for more powerful weapons, which gives you an advantage over other players in the race for world domination.

Jelly Squish: How to Play the Blockchain-Based Game?

The gameplay is simple: Each day, players get a new set of quests in quests. These quests have players complete different tasks to earn rewards. They gain experience points (XP) as they meet these quests, which level up their account.

Once players reach level 5, they can create their jelly by breeding two existing ones using their genetic code. This process takes several hours, depending on the rarity and power of the two jellies being bred. A new jelly will be born with its unique stats and abilities when the breeding is complete.

Final Thoughts

Jelly Squish does not fizzle out or water down anything when it comes to fun and surprisingly challenging blockchain game development. It offers a unique concept that is sometimes missing in the tried-and-the-true puzzle game formula, but what truly sets it apart is the central theme of the blockchain. With its increased exposure, coupled with the simple and addictive gameplay within a familiar concept, Jelly Squish is sure to deliver a healthy dose of fun to players worldwide – and intrigue them with an underlying message.

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