Farmers World – A Blockchain Based Virtual Farm

Farmers World is a blockchain-based game that allows users to grow crops in a virtual world, take care of animals, and trade goods with each other. The blockchain-based game offers a wide range of opportunities for both casual and hardcore players. The world is fully customizable, allowing players to create their landscapes using various building materials and landscaping tools.

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What Is in It for Farmers World Players?

Farmers World gameplay is divided into two main categories: farming and trading. Farmers World players can use their farming skills to grow crops in a virtual world and harvest produces that they can sell or use for crafting items.

You can plant crops, harvest them, and sell them to earn money in the farming part. You can also grow trees, mushrooms, and flowers to get more money from selling them. In addition, you can build houses for your animals so that they will produce more products for you. The animals also help you fight against other players during the battle phase.

Trading is also an essential part of Farmers World gameplay because it allows you to trade your goods with other players worldwide. You can find buyers who will buy your products at any time of day or night – no matter where they live.

Key Takeaway

Farmers World is a breath of fresh air and a product of its time. It is the latter because of the novel use of blockchain technology to encourage sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. Still, it is the former because of how it turns the microtransaction model on its head by giving more money to the developer.

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