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Alien Worlds is a space exploration game in the distant future. Players can explore the universe, discover new planets, meet aliens, and get involved in space combat.

The Gaming Module

The game’s main feature is its unique blockchain technology. This allows players to make real-time transactions without any fees or third parties. This means that you do not have to pay anything to buy or sell items. You can also play the game without spending your real money, which is excellent news for those looking for free games online.

Alien Worlds has a vast variety of planets to explore, and you can customize your ship with different types of weapons and equipment. You can also join an alliance with other Alien Worlds players and work together to defeat powerful enemies. Another exciting feature of this game is its PvP mode, where players can fight each other in real-time. This allows you to test your skills against other Alien World players worldwide.

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How Does the Alien Worlds Work?

In Alien Worlds, players can choose from four different factions: humans, robots, aliens, or animals. Each of these factions has its unique strengths and weaknesses that make each one unique to play.

In addition to their faction’s strengths and weaknesses, each player also has a unique ability to use in battle. These abilities range from healing teammates to summoning powerful creatures onto the battlefield.

When not battling on the battlefield or in an arena, players can collect cards that give them access to weapons and armor for their characters. These cards can be found in random packs or purchased directly from other Alien Worlds using our native token called AWC (Alien Worlds Coin).

Final Word

The Alien Worlds app is a fun and innovative way to incorporate blockchain technology into gaming and take your Blockchain gaming experience to the next level. It is far from perfect, but it is a solid start in a new direction, and with some fine-tuning, we could have something truly unique on our hands.

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