AtomicAssets: Blockchain Based Virtual Reality Gaming

AtomicAssets is a blockchain-based game where players can buy and sell assets or create games. AtomicAssets takes place in a virtual world called the Cryptosphere, where players can explore different locations such as the Waterfront, the Jungle, and Ancient Ruins. The new blockchain technology game also includes an item shop where you can purchase items with your digital currency.

AtomicAssets Roadmap

The idea behind the game is to offer players a new way to invest their money online without dealing with the hassle of buying and selling real estate in the real world. AtomicAssets Players can purchase these tokens at an auction or buy them directly from other players who no longer want them.

AtomicAssets Players can also earn rewards by playing games built into the platform, such as quests and challenges. The more they play, the more tokens they earn, which they can use to purchase more buildings or land to expand their property empire even further.

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AtomicAssets Gaming Mode

The game has several different unlocked modes as you progress through the story mode. These modes include Survival Mode, which lets you play against other players in a battle to survive; Battle Mode, which lets you fight against other players without having to worry about losing your character; and Arena Mode, which lets you fight against other players using only one type of weapon. In addition to these modes, there are also some fun Easter Eggs hidden throughout the blockchain-based game that gives it an extra layer of depth for those who want to dig deeper into its world.

Final Thoughts

The game is still in its infancy stage, and it has got a lot of things in development. AtomicAssets is one of those projects investigating new blockchain technology to develop the future of gaming.

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