Splinterlands – Strategy Game Blockchain

The foundation of any video game, especially those that employ blockchain concepts and principles, is excellent gameplay. Splinterlands Gameplay is a highly entertaining battle royale game.

Blockchain Game: Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a blockchain game that combines real-time strategy games and card collecting in a medieval fantasy setting. Players will be able to customize their characters and build up their armies, which can be used to conquer other players’ castles and loot their resources.

The blockchain game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a cataclysmic event has wiped out humanity. The only survivors are those who were safely underground when the disaster struck. The game is available on the Apple store and Playstore. The game has an official website, as well.

How to Play Splinterlands?

The player must lead his or her group of survivors through the wastelands, battling against other factions for food and territory while also searching for lost technology to help them rebuild civilization.

Splinterlands Gameplay consists of three distinct phases: exploration, combat, and building up your base. Each step has its unique challenges and mechanics that determine how compelling your characters are at completing different tasks. With features like easy matchmaking, in-game tournaments, and rewards for clan building, splinterlands sets itself apart from similar games and offers something different to all players.

Final Verdict

Splinterlands is a game with a dynamic, competitive, and healthy economy. Unlike the mainstream games you may be used to playing, your Splinterlands character’s worth is dictated by the only thing that determines value in our modern and post-modern world – trade. If you love real-time strategy games and want to experience a whole new level of intricacy, splinterlands will be a nice change of pace. Players must strategically manage resources, build bases, and fight during battle royale fights to become the ultimate ruler.

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