NFT Airline Tickets: AirBaltic CEO Touts Cryptocurrency Experiments

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that are bought and sold in online marketplaces. Collectors like NFTs because they offer them proof of ownership over digital items, such as artworks and trading cards. Non-fungible tokens also help artists make money from their work because they can be transferred between collectors without being duplicated. Earlier this year, AirBaltic announced it accepted NFT payments through a partnership with Bitcoin Technology. The airline’s NFT collectors can use the tokens to pay for flights during the booking process on Airbaltic’s website or mobile app.

AirBaltic’s CEO Martin Gauss’ Announcement

In a recent interview with Baltic News Service (BNS), AirBaltic’s CEO Martin Gauss said his company is planning to sell tickets for cryptocurrency. According to the Baltic News Service report, AirBaltic’s CEO said AirBaltic would allow access to be purchased using Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies. He also told BNS that his company is experimenting with NFTs and blockchain technology, which could potentially be used for the airline’s loyalty program.

Gauss described the cryptocurrency experiments as an “interesting marketing ploy and a good way to get into discussions about digitalization,” according to the report. AirBaltic has been making waves in other areas of digitalization as well. The airline recently announced that it plans to begin testing an artificial intelligence system on its flights to let passengers reserve seats and order meals while they are still on the ground using Facebook Messenger or Skype.

Key Takeaway

Digital currency is slowly but surely gaining ground, despite some bumps in the road. The fact that a small airline like AirBaltic is already experimenting with NFTs shows how far this technology has come in a relatively short time. And while these payments are still being tested, it is relatively safe to say that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

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