Massive Protocol, A Decentralized Service-Oriented Protocol

Massive Protocol is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that operates on the Ethereum network. Massive Protocol serves as a service provider that assists the creator economy at large. The Protocol brings the creators and the viewers to the same platform, where creators engage in creating challenges to earn rewards. 

Massive Protocol with Web3 technology assists the creators to launch and monetize their creations on the NFT marketplace. $MAV is a governance token of Massive Protocol. The users can purchase creators’ NFTs with the social tokens. Massive Protocol has achieved a total supply of 3,000,000,000 MAV and has expanded its reach to 190 holders. The Protocol has changed 203 secured transfers.


The start of the year has set the Protocol to introduce a business plan and feasibility examination. Furthermore, the protocol has established overseas foundations and cooperation

From April to June, Protocol will support the launch of domestic cooperation and initiate the recruitment of affiliates. Additionally, it will focus on the Advertisement platform and develop service manuals. The Protocol will issue recruitment of creators NFT. 

July to September will witness the launch of global services and initiate the recruitment of cooperative networks for foreign and domestic companies and retailers. 

October to December will introduce Protocols official service and hold additional projects partnership. 

Next year will mark the development phase of Protocol, it will focus on the expansion of cooperative networks.

Market Overview 

The Massive Protocol holder will continue to trade $ MAV on

MEXC, backed with trading pairs of MAV / USDT with a price of $0.2159. The +2% Depth appeared to be $787.47 and the -2% Depth appeared to be $565.61. The trading volume is approximately $2,326,463 which is 100.00%.

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