LongHash Ventures and Terraform Labs Partner Up as Incubators

LongHash Ventures and Terraform Labs are partnering up as incubators. Both are blockchain-focused incubators working with startups for some time, but now they are teaming up to provide more support and resources to their portfolio companies.

Terraform Labs was founded by a group of VCs who have worked with blockchain projects for several years now. The company has invested in over 20 blockchain startups, including Instar and Chainlink, and it offers them access to the Terraform Ventures Fund.

The Partnership between LongHash Ventures and Terraform Labs                

LongHash is an incubator that provides access to capital for early-stage projects and hands-on support from experienced entrepreneurs who can help them grow their businesses and reach new customers. The LongHash Ventures Fund has just announced its first investment in a cryptocurrency exchange, which will help bring more institutional investors into the crypto space through regulated products like bitcoin futures contracts.

The partnership between LongHash Ventures and Terraform Labs is a natural progression of the two incubators’ relationship. LongHash Ventures has already invested in several companies that are part of Terraform Labs’ portfolio, including TrueBit Protocol, which is building an open-source innovative contract auditing platform; DeFi Pulse, which provides market data on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms; and TrustToken Foundation, which develops stablecoins pegged to real-world assets like gold and real estate. The two incubators also share an investor in Blockstream CEO Adam Back.


This is an excellent opportunity for both blockchain-focused incubators to work together to accomplish their missions: LongHash Ventures focuses on their incubation, acceleration, and entrepreneurship program to support blockchain entrepreneurs’ growth, while Terraform Labs focuses on the development of the largest community in Asia. By combining forces and strategically working together, we believe that more blockchain entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and successfully grow under our wings.

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Binance: https://www.binance.com/en/news/top/7086334

Meta Crunch: https://metacrunch.org/terraform-labs-partners-with-longhash-ventures-for-major-web3-push/

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