Bitcoin vs. Altcoins: Which Is the Better Investment?

Many people are concerned about investing in a volatile sector like cryptocurrency, but there is no reason to avoid the industry altogether. Although Bitcoin is the most popular option for those who are first getting into the crypto market, another less-known type of cryptocurrency offers investors an even more impressive return: altcoins.

The Difference Between Bitcoin and Altcoins

Altcoins—or “alternative coins”—are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin often referred to as the “big three.” There are thousands of altcoins out there, and some are more stable than others—but in general, you are looking at a higher risk with higher reward. The most important thing for cryptocurrency investors to look for in altcoins investment is to know what you are doing; if you are new to cryptocurrency, it might be better to start with safer options like the big three and understand the difference between Bitcoin and altcoins.

The most significant difference between Bitcoin and altcoins is that altcoins can be more easily mined—that is, they are not limited by a set number of available units like Bitcoin is. Therefore, this makes them cheaper on average and more accessible for people who do not have much money to get into cryptocurrencies. However, due to their volatility, many new cryptocurrency investors lose money very quickly once they start trading in these currencies. On the other hand, some people may prefer Bitcoin investment because it has a higher value overall than most altcoins currently do, though this can change.

Which Is the Better Investment Option?

Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency market for the past few years. However, there are now thousands of other cryptocurrencies available on the market. The answer to which is better as an investment depends on your goals and risk tolerance. If you are looking for a quick way to make money, then altcoins investment might be the way to go for you. If you are looking for long-term growth potential and do not mind taking on more risk, then a Bitcoin investment might be your best bet.

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