Ubitquity Real Estate Secures 44 Capital Management Investment

Ubitquity Real Estate is a first mover in the blockchain technology sector. Its development and launch of the AEGIS Proof-of-Exchange Protocol (PoE) removes the need for mining and enables self-sustainable blockchain networks. With a new round of financing secured, Ubitquity Real Estate is moving full steam ahead to bring security and transparency to commercial real estate. The startup announced it had secured a $44 million dollar investment in partnership with Capital Management Group. With this latest funding round, the company will be able to develop further their blockchain-based platform for managing real estate transactions and property title transfers.

Ubitquity’s Stance on the Partnership

The company adds that this relationship will further develop into strategic partnerships focusing on developing real estate blockchain solutions. Ubitquity’s CEO Nathan Wosnack said: “We are thrilled to receive an investment from such a well-respected and ethical investment firm. As we enter our next phase of development, it is important to have partners who share our vision and enthusiasm for the many benefits that blockchain technology can bring to the real estate industry.”

Future Vision

The company says that the investment is motivated by a shared vision for the future of blockchain technology in the real estate industry. The 44 million dollar investment will help them expand their network further by increasing support for new countries, cities, counties, and states. The team at Ubitquity is excited about this future-looking partnership with Capital Management Group and is looking forward to building a stronger relationship in the coming months.

Read more about the partnership at:

Crypto Ninjas: https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2022/04/05/blockchain-real-estate-platform-ubitquity-secures-investment-from-44-capital-management/

Global Online Money: https://globalonlinemony.com/blockchain-real-estate-platform-ubitquity-secures-investment-from-44-capital-management-cryptoninjas/

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