StarTerra: The Play2Earn NFTs Are Here

StarTerra, the NFT-powered MMO game, and metaverse, announced its new Play2Earn NFTs. The Play2Earn NFTs are a new line of very special non-fungible tokens that will be given as in-game rewards.

What is StarTerra?

StarTerra is a new space-themed collectible card game (CCG). If you are into CCGs, this might be the game for you. The cards in StarTerra are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and each card can be bought and sold at any time on the blockchain. That is why StarTerra is often called a Play2Earn game.

In P2E games, the players generate value for each other. Players will have to complete some mission/task in the game world of StarTerra and then go back to their account on the StarTerra website to claim their reward. Once claimed, the player will receive a unique NFT and can be traded or used within StarTerra NFTs as they see fit. The more players play, the more valuable the cards get. This has proven to be an exciting model for P2E games on the blockchain.

In addition to being collectible items that can be traded on the blockchain, cards also have gameplay functionality. Each card can be used to attack or defend your opponent’s units. While many CCGs exist, StarTerra NFTs stand out somewhat because it has a P2E model that gives players a chance to win by playing the game.

What is Next?

The StarTerra platform is underway, and its goal is to create a gaming community that allows gamers to earn NFTs just by playing together. There is no ICO; there are no pre-sale tokens. Instead, they use the Play2Earn game system to bring in players and build an ecosystem of decentralized gaming goodness. We are excited about what this technology will bring to the table for gamers, and we are looking forward to seeing just how far things can go with it. It is still early days for NFTs, of course, but we think NFTs will play a significant role in the future of gaming.

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