What is smartBCH by Multichain Verse DEX?

You are probably familiar with Bitcoin Cash, the hard fork of bitcoin used by nearly a hundred-million live active users today. But what you could be less familiar with is smartBCH. smartBCH is an even newer hard fork that plans on competing with BCH. In this guide, we will answer what is smartBCH by Multichain Verse DEX and the perks and uses of smartBCH so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is worth paying attention to.

The Idea of SmartBCH by Multichain Verse DEX

The smartBCH by Multichain Verse DEX is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that offers the most advanced, secure, and reliable trading experience. The smartBCH trading platform provides a complete solution for advanced and novice traders in a familiar and easy-to-use interface. The system allows for trading all three major crypto pairs—BCH/BTC, BCH/ETH, BCH/USDT. The smartBCH platform itself is built on top of the Multichain blockchain secured by its own native side-chain consensus mechanism. This makes the blockchain incredibly fast, with transaction confirmation times as low as 1 second.

The ultimate goal of the smartBCH platform is to build a more decentralized, permissionless exchange where users can hold wallets and exchange tokens without going through any intermediaries. The current version of the smartBCH trading platform supports SMART tokens only, but they plan to add support for other tickets in the future.

Perks of smartBCH by Multichain Verse DEX

In a nutshell, smartBCH is a version of Bitcoin Cash with some neat perks. The first is privacy: the wallet obfuscates the addresses of the sender and receiver. The second is speed: transactions are confirmed in under two minutes. And the third bonus feature is the uses of smartBCH on Multichain’s blockchain — so it could be a way to hold an ICO using cryptocurrency.

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